YouTuber Andrea Russett Forced to Hide in Bathroom as Men Break Into Home

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YouTube star Andrea Russett is lucky to be safe right now. The 22-year-old was woken up today by the sound of glass shattering, which turned out to be caused by a group of men who smashed the patio door in order to enter her Los Angeles home.

“I woke up today to the sound of our patio door shattering and a bunch of men running through our house looking for things to steal,” she wrote on Twitter earlier today.” I had to hide in my bathroom trying not to make a sound while they rummaged through my room, literally feet away from me.”

The brunette beauty continued, “I can’t even put into words how horrifying it is to not know the intentions of these people or what they wanted or if they had weapons. Thankfully the police are here now and Sandra and I are safe. And buying every security system ever made.”

Andrea is talking about housemate and BFF Sandra Poenar who, luckily, was unharmed in the home invasion but also had to hide when she heard what was going on outside her door.

The 23-year-old tweeted, “They tried getting into my bedroom while I was in there.. guys it was terrifying I’m still in shock. I didn’t know if Andrea was ok I didn’t know if they had weapons..”

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Sandra added, “I feel so violated like everything in this house was touched.” UGH — we can’t even imagine.

The YouTuber didn’t specify whether or not the men were able to steal anything from inside the house, but the most important thing is that both she and Sandra were not injured at all. Hopefully police will be able to figure out who did this so that justice can be served.