6 People Newly Married Amy Schumer Has Been Linked to in the Past

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Comedy Central

It’s safe to say we were all SHOOKETH when we found out that Amy Schumer secretly got married earlier this week — she had only been dating celeb chef Chris Fischer for a few months, after all. We were just getting used to the couple’s new Instagram-official status when BAM! The 36-year-old actress was posting pictures from their wedding day with a short and sweet caption, “Yup.”

Which got us thinking, of course, about what her dating life was like before she met her now-hubby. Now that she’s settled down with her prince, we had to take a look at all of the frogs she had to kiss first. Isn’t there just something so sweet about seeing the journey people take before they settle down with “the one?” Thanks to Amy’s tell-all memoir, The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo, from 2016, we’ve got all the deets for ya!