No, Amy Schumer is Not Pregnant — But She is Creating Something New

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No, Amy Schumer is NOT pregnant, y’all. The 37-year-old comedian threw fans for a loop when she posted a picture on Instagram in which she was seemingly pointing to a baby bump.

“@leesaevansstyle and i are cookin somethin Up,” the blonde wrote along with the photo. She also uploaded another image, this time with husband Chris Fisher, whom she spontaneously married in February 2018.

@leesaevansstyle and i are cookin somethin Up

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Congratulations messages quickly started pouring in, as fans thought the “cookin something up” remark was referencing a pregnancy. But, as it turns out, that’s NOT the case at all. While Amy is, in fact, creating something new, it’s actually a clothing line with stylist Leesa Evans, not a baby with her hubby.

“I am not pregnant. I am not pregnant,” she later clarified in an IG video in which she was seemingly drinking an alcoholic beverage. “It looked like I was pointing to a bump or something but I’m not. Leesa Evans and I have created a clothing line for all sizes and shapes and at a chill price point. That’s what I was trying to allude to but thank you for thinking of my womb.”

I always have a bump alert!

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If Amy ever decides to get pregnant, we’re sure she’ll let us know!