10 Times You Wished Amy Poehler Was Your Mom

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Tumblr (gifemotions)

Tumblr (gifemotions)

As of yesterday, Amy Poehler is 43! We simply couldn’t go the whole day without acknowledging Amy’s awesomeness, so we thought we’d wax poetic about all the times we wished she was our mom. She kind of already is our collective mom, if you think about it, because we all benefit from her wonderfulness. In addition to being hilarious, Amy’s also really great at giving advice, especially to young women.

Her Smart Girls YouTube channel is a source of constant inspiration and compassion. She answers viewer questions with heart and humor, and it’s like calling up your mom for a pep talk. Except in this case your mom is Amy Poehler. So we rounded up some of her best pieces of advice and inspiration, from Smart Girls and beyond, that made us wish we really could call Amy up whenever we wanted without it being weird. As in hey, I don’t know you, how did you get this number, why are you calling me mommy, etc.

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