Internet Star Reaches the HIGHEST Level of Anger at Former Best Friend

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Amra Olevic (known as Amrezy on Instagram) used to be friends with YouTuber and fellow Instagram star Shayla Mitchell (MakeupShayla), but the girls had a bit of a falling out when the 28-year-old failed to defend her former bestie against Jeffree Star‘s harassment on Twitter. The drama between the girls never really went away, but both parties basically stopped talking about one another for the majority of 2016. All it took was one indirect tweet by the 32-year-old, however, and the fire was reignited HARDCORE!

“I left my fake friends in 2016, please stop asking me about them :-),” Shayla wrote on social media. Amra then responded:


But it didn’t end there! The New York-born makeup artist literally LOST HER S*IT at her former BFF in the angriest Snapchat rant we’ve ever seen/heard.

“Bitches like Shayla, who I actually went hard for, want to sit here and now create some controversy. What, is your engagement low? You need some controversy? Y’all fall for these fake-ass blogger and these fake-ass relationships that you’re being fed every f*cking day. I’m the one who kept it funky with Shayla…You want people to feel back for you like you’re the f*cking victim, but you’re the shadiest bitch I know. You talk s*it but can never back it up; BACK IT UP, FAM!”

And that was just the beginning…the MUA ranted for almost four minutes about Shayla, fake bloggers on the Instagram and all the people indirecting her online. You can watch Amra’s entire rage-fest below, but we must warn you — it’s effing insane and DEFINITELY not safe for work.

While these YouTube stars are no longer besties, they definitely never had a falling out like Shayla and Amra: