America’s Next Top Model Castoff Liz: “I Don’t Complain That Much!”

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Last night, America’s Next Top Model contestant Liz Williams was sent home after just touching down in Italy. We caught up with the 21-year-old Arlington, Texas mom to get her reaction to her elimination, who she thinks should have gone home last night (hint: it’s not her), who she thinks should win, and whether or not she really complains that much.

Teen.com: We’re sorry to see you off ANTM!
Liz Williams: I just watched the episode. It was so sad to see how crazy things were edited.

Teen.com: So you don’t think you were portrayed accurately?
Liz Williams: Ask any of my friends—I am a crazy character. On TV it didn’t look like that at all. They get a lot of pieces that didn’t help me at all. It looks like all I did was complain!

Teen.com: Do you keep in touch with any of the girls?
Liz Williams: Me and Chris had the most similar personalities. We still hang out.

Teen.com: So what’s in store for you in the future?
Liz Williams: I want to be so many things! I want to finish school, pursue modeling, and get into TV hosting—I’d love to get on BET, VH1, anything that has to do with music. But I do love runway and I do love print—I’d love to be in Shape magazine, something sporty and athletic.

Teen.com: And are you still keeping your hair short, like Tyra told you?
Liz Williams: It’s definitely still very short. I just try to faux-hawk it out a little bit. But every now and then you might catch me with a little weave!

Teen.com: So what was it like meeting such a fashion icon like Andre Leon Talley?
Liz Williams: I am so old school, I still thought Miss J was on the panel! I hadn’t watch the show since the 9th grade. Eva and Naima were my favorites. I didn’t even have a television until August!

Teen.com: So we have to ask. Who do you think should have been sent home instead of you?
Liz Williams: Chelsey should have been kicked off. Her photo had no eye contact, and she had a blurry, plain face. I thought we were neck in neck.

Teen.com: And who do you think will win?
Liz Williams: I think of all the people Kayla has it. She’ll go pretty far. But Chris and Ann better rep Texas too!