America’s Next Top Model Castoff Chris White Didn’t Want to be a Model Anyway

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Last night, Chris White was eliminated from America’s Next Top Model. If you’re an avid ANTM fan like us, then you also love Chris! The funny girl had our sides splitting with her commentary on the show, while impressing us with her improving modeling skills. We talked with Chris and found out why she seemed so disconnected in the latest episode.

Teen.com: What made you pursue ANTM?
Chris White: To be honest, my sister wanted to do this way more than I did. This was her fourth time trying out. She talked me into going with her because she thought that maybe we could do it together. It was never something I’d been dreaming about since I was little.

Teen.com: What have you been up to since you left the show?
Chris White: Absolutely nothing. I’m just picking right back up where I left. I’m working and just trying to make a living.

Teen.com: So are you taking acting classes like Tyra advised you to do?

Chris White: Honestly, I probably won’t take any classes. I really want to go in the acting direction, but classes cost a lot of money!

Teen.com: You were funny on the show! Where do you get your sense of humor from?
Chris White: I have no idea. I just talk sometimes and you know the crazy thing is I never try to put up an act. There were never times where I was writing things down thinking, “Oh, let me say that on the show!” I was just being me. I don’t like drama and I just like to have a good time.

Teen.com: So I guess this means you were satisfied with the way the show portrayed you?
Chris White: A lot of the time, the girls were afraid the show would make them look bad and I thought, “Well s***, you made yourself look bad.” If you happen to be the b****, humble or funny type, that’s all the camera is going to catch. You can’t help but be natural and be yourself. I think the show made me look EXTRA good!

Teen.com: In the latest episode, you seemed over the whole competition.
Chris White: On the show I didn’t feel a need to get upset about being eliminated. I just knew that if it was meant to be, it would have happened. I was there and it wasn’t meant for me.

Teen.com: If you could go back into the competition, is there anything you’d do differently?
Chris White: Nope. I would have done everything the exact same.

Teen.com: Who do you hope will win this cycle?
Chris White: Kayla or Chelsey. They have the whole package. Ann is a beautiful girl and takes really good photos, but to me she’s not the whole package.

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