Jane Randall: Gossip Girl Got Me on America’s Next Top Model!

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Last night, Jane Randall was eliminated from America’s Next Top Model. Perpetually accused of not having a personality by the judges, we chatted with this Princeton University student (that’s right, she’s gorgeous AND smart) to talk about her experience on ANTM. Jane reveals her frustration with the judges and who she thinks will win.

Teen.com: What made you pursue ANTM?
Jane Randall: When I decided that I wanted to pursue modeling, I took a couple snapshots in my dorm room and sent them in to agencies. One day I was watching Gossip Girl and applying for Top Model came up so I sent in the couple pictures I had and I got a call back.

Teen.com: What have you been up to?
Jane Randall: I have been very busy at school.

Teen.com: So are you still pursuing modeling?
Jane Randall: Right now I am focusing on finishing the semester. I am in my junior year. I am certainly going to pursue modeling. In order to fully pursue it, I’d need to take some time off, but that depends on if I get signed.

Teen.com: If you weren’t pursuing modeling, what would be your career path?
Jane Randall: I’ve always been interested in television. I’d love to work in TV.

Teen.com: How did you feel when you found out two of you would be going home?
Jane Randall: I was definitely very nervous. I felt like an underdog probably going back to the very first casting that I went to in New York, where there were hundreds of girls with portfolios when I had nothing. Being in the top four with Ann, Chelsey and Kayla, I didn’t think the odds were going to be in my favor unless I showed the judges something special.

Teen.com: Who do you think should have gone home instead of you?
Jane Randall: Honestly, I think at this point, either Chelsey or Ann would be great. I heard Ann get called uber one too many times in the judging room. I didn’t think that she would not be in the final two, so if I had to choose, I would say Chelsey.

Teen.com: What was it like having Tyra direct your motion editorial?
Jane Randall: That was probably my favorite day of filming throughout the entire experience. It was really the one time that I had any interaction with Tyra.

Teen.com: Really?!
Jane Randall: Yeah. Both on and off camera, I really only knew her from her TV persona. Even in real life I only saw her in front of the camera and it was nice to see Tyra was human. And I would get frustrated because she made comments about my personality every single panel, but like I said before, we never really interacted with each other!

Teen.com: Aside from being frustrated, how did you feel about the judges saying you had no personality?
Jane Randall: I definitely was very upset by the comments. In panel they made it a very black and white issue. You either had personality or you didn’t. Up until Kyle Hagler came, I was very confused. I was there trying to learn how to be a model and the feedback I was getting was I needed to work on my personality. It didn’t make sense! Sometimes I felt like they didn’t know my name and I considered wearing a name tag.

Teen.com: Wow! So how did Kyle Hagler help you out?
Jane Randall: He said it was about expressing who you are and being comfortable with that. That’s when I began to understand what the judges were saying.

Teen.com: Who do you hope will win?
Jane Randall: I really think either one would be a great choice. Obviously Chelsey is ready to go. She is a model through and through. I think what Zac Posen said about Ann is very true. He called her rare and that’s the definition of luxury. I think with this season and with the emphasis on high fashion, I think Ann would be more of a risk, but certainly a very interesting choice. So, I’d have to go with Ann.

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