10 Mind-Blowing Moments from the 2017 American Music Awards

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Gravity defying performances, honoring legends, BTS snatching wigs, and so much more — the 2017 American Music Awards was one for the archives, so in case you missed or just want to relive the glory, we have a recap of the 10 best moments from the show!

Kicking off our list is Pink and her incredible performance of “Beautiful Trauma.” Now, we all know the entertainer puts on a SHOW whenever she’s called on to perform and her performance at the AMAs was no different. In fact, we think it’s safe to say that Pink singing “Beautiful Trauma” — flawlessly, we might add — while casually hanging off the side of the JW Marriott Hotel is her greatest performance yet.


Our hands were legit sweating throughout the entire performance.

As incredible as Pink was, how could we forget her co-AMAs opener, Kelly Clarkson?! Later in the night, the songstress performed her newest hit, “Love So Soft,” and while she sounded amazing during it, the moment Kelly sang “Miss Independent…” it was the official moment the balding began.


It felt like it was 2003 all over again and all was right in the world.

As everyone was getting lost in the moment during Kelly’s performance, Demi Lovato was literally living her best life. The cameras caught Dems singing along to her kween and it was the cutest thing ever because she knew every word.

Speaking of cute moments, this next one goes to Niall Horan and Post Malone‘s adorable bromance. When the “Slow Hands” singer went up on stage to accept his award for New Artist of the Year, he gave this ridiculously sweet shout out to his brotha from anotha motha.

So flippin cute. But enough fluff, we need to get down to business and talk about BTS’ debut US award show performance! The guys performed their hit “DNA” and the crowd went wild. Literally. We think we saw some grown men crying. All other groups should be shook because that performance was fire. Cut to Ansel Elgort looking like a proud mom during their performance.


You can just feel him say, “You’re doing great sweeties.”

Then there was the emotional moment when Linkin Park won the AMA for Favorite Alternative Rock Artist, beating out Imagine Dragons and Twenty One Pilots, but Linkin Park made sure to thank their peers during their speech for speaking such kind words about the late Chester Bennington.

They then dedicated their AMA to Chester, his memory, his talent, sense of humor, and asked the audience to appreciate what we all have and to never take anything for granted. Important words to live by for sure.


Then one of our dear queens, Lady Gaga, performed remotely from DC because she’s on tour, but live from LA or DC, she killed it per usual.


Later that night, Gaga won the AMA for Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist and she cried and then we all cried together because holy snaps, that was well deserved. That woman is already an icon and she’s barely in her 30s.

But speaking of icons. Our nostalgia, heart and edges weren’t ready for the medley Diana Ross performed in honor of her Lifetime Achievement Award moment. Now, we know we throw the word queen out there a lot these days, but literally Diana Ross is musical royalty.

She is a legend and the fact that we’re getting to witness her perform a medley of a select few of her a millions of hits as she receives the Lifetime Achievement Award is truly historical. Can we also point out that she is 73 years old?! 73!!! What kind of witchcraft is going on??? She looks AMAZING.


And as if the legendary songstress gracing us with her presence wasn’t best-moment worthy enough, then her beautiful family came up on the stage to celebrate her and her grandkids may be the cutest little gum drops we’ve ever seen.


What was one of your favorite moments from the 2017 AMAs? Let us know in the comment section below!