Vote! Who Do You Think Should’ve Won Idol?

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We were waiting with baited breath to find out who would be crowned the winner of American Idol season 10 and — spoiler alert! — Scotty McCreery took it. But is it just us or did that little smooch he shared with Lauren Alaina right after the announcement, not to mention his uttering of “I love you, baby” catch anyone else’s eye? No? Just ours? Right. That’s because AI is all about the music anyway. Ok. Moving on.

So, were you happy that Scotty won, even though Lauren was projected to win all along? Did you vote for the underdog?

Tell us your thoughts on Scotty’s big win in the comments below and be sure to vote for your fave! And we put Haley and Pia in there just because, well, because the truth is they deserved a shot at the title too. Not gonna lie.