Get Kicked Off American Idol, Meet Nick Jonas? Sounds Good to Us

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American Idol contestant Karen Rodriguez got booted from the competition last week, but don’t feel too bad for her. As a consolation prize, she got to meet Nick Jonas. NBD.

Let us explain…

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Aside from winning the competition which, um, she didn’t, Karen’s goal in going onto AI in the first place was to somehow connect her sister, Carol, to Nick Jonas, who she’s (creepily) obsessed with. So, Ryan Seacrest got Nick and Karen in a room together and they called her sister on the phone. Amidst all the screams and the hyperventilating, it’s actually a pretty freakin’ cute interview. But that’s mostly because Nick Jonas is pretty freakin’ cute.

Watch the whole thing here — and make sure to watch till the end to hear Nick serenade Carol!

Was that cute or what? Who’s your fave JoBro? Did Karen deserve to get voted off American Idol? Tell us in the comments!