8 Fab Eye Shadows You Can Buy For Under $10!

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One makeup product that we can have the most fun with is eye shadow. We can play with different colors and create new looks for ourselves. If we have a party to go to and we want a more daring look, we can use darker color shadows to create that smoky eye effect. Then, if we just want something light for school we can play around with the pinks to give our eyes a fun pop. There are a ton of great brands for eye shadows and it's always hard to chose which one to buy.

So, we decided to find great products that you can buy for under $10! That way you can still look amazing without having to spend a ton of money! Take a look at the eight eye shadows we thought were the best quality for a low price. Then tell us, which product would you want to purchase? Let us know in the comments below!

1. e.l.f. Beauty Eye Book for $5.00 from Target.


2. Maybelline Eye Shadow Wet Eye Shdw Quads: $7.99 from Target.


3. Maybelline Expert Eyes 8-Cl Panel Shadow for $6.49 from Target.


4. Sephora Collection: Colorful Duo Eyeshadow for $5.00 from Sephora.


5. Sephora Collection: Colorful Mono Eyeshadow for $5.99 from Sephora.


6. Sephora Collection: Color Token for $5.00 from Sephora.eyeshadow-5-jc

7. Metallic Wonder Eyeshadow Palette for $5 from Forever 21.


8. Glitter Eye Shadow Palette for $3.80 from Forever 21.


Anything catch your eye? Let us know what you think of these great eye shadows!

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