Get Amanda Seyfried’s Prom Perfect Loose Updo

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Even though most of the hype of Amanda Seyfried‘s new movie, Red Riding Hood revolves around her two mega-hot costars Shiloh Fernandez and Max Irons, we can’t help but hype ourselves up about the gorg updo Amanda wore to the flick’s red carpet premiere last night. It’s curly but straight, done up but not so much, and elegant but totally casual, too.

Wanna get it for prom?

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It’s easy! First, run a wave iron through your hair (or sleep with braids the night before!). Then, part your hair in front and leave about a 2-inch section on each side hanging in the front. Pull the rest into a low messy bun with pins and if some hair unravels, it’ll look even better! Then set with hairspray or shine spray and you’re ready!