Why Amanda Bynes Rocks (and Why We Hope She Gets Better Soon)

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Amanda Bynes has been all over headlines lately. Unfortunately, none of them are for very good reasons. (Try Googling her right now. You’ll see.) But we swear, she’s not just some Lindsay Lohan in training. Amanda used to be the coolest of the cool. like, Demi Lovato-type cool. So listen up, whippersnappers, ‘cause we’re breaking down why Amanda Bynes rocks (and why you should heart her, too!).

6. She Was Born To Do It
A professional actor since age 7, Amanda became a fixture on super popular Nickelodeon shows like Figure It Out and All That. (Think of All That as an older version of So Random!) She was always nailing every part, which led to some pretty awesome scene steals, and the creation of her infamous catchphrase, “THAAAT’S ME!

5. The Amanda Show was Full of Win
Always the standout, Amanda was eventually given her own sketch comedy program called The Amanda Show, which led to fan-favorite segment “The Girls’ Room:”

Oh, and BTW. The Amanda Show also helped launch the careers of Josh Peck and Drake Bell.

4. She Totally Had a Fashion Line Before It Was the Norm
Clothing slash accessories line to be exact. Remember Dear? It was housed at Steve & Barry’s department stores. You know who else had their first clothing line in Steve & Barry’s? That would be Sarah Jessica Parker, at the height of her Sex and the City fame.

3. She Held Her Own Against Experienced Actors Twice Her Age
What I Like About You was Amanda’s foray into adult mainstream TV, and she even held her own against former Beverly Hills: 90210 star Jennie Garth. (Fun Fact: If that set looks familiar around 4:45, that would be the same set from iCarly.)

2. She’s Really Freakin’ Funny
Not too many 10-year-olds could pull off
doing a set at the famous comedy club, The Laugh Factory…

Plus, the GIFs pratically make themselves:



1. She Was Hanging Out With Channing Tatum Long Before You Were
And she played a boy. So there.


Amanda, we miss you! Even though you’re in a lot of trouble right now, we’re going to keep on remembering the good times. Do you have a favorite Amanda Bynes moment? Share with us!

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