From Our BFFS: Is Allstar Weekend Backing Out of Their Tour with Selena Gomez?

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Looks like one of the Allstar Weekend dudes isn’t going to be touring with the rest of the band and Selena Gomez this summer! Uh, what happened there?! [M]

Guess Ariana Grande isn’t the only one taking a stab at Adele‘s “Rolling in the Deep.” Ariel Winter  covered the same song while at the premiere for Cars 2! [Hollywire]

Well, well, well, if it isn’t one of our fave JoBros, Joe Jonas, on the cover of Paper Mag. And boy does he look hot. [Cambio]

And speaking of Joe Jonas, it looks like this singer is ready to tap into something new. And it has something to do with fashion… [ELLE]

Which rap star is becoming an author? 50 Cent, that’s who! The rapper is writing a book on, um, bullying? [JSYK]

Bookworms who just love seeing their fave books on the big screen, this one’s for you! We hear the Wicked Lovely series is about to become a movie. Think it’ll be the next Hunger Games? [Just Jared Jr]

It’s not only Ben and Adrian who are having relationship probs on the Secret Life of the American Teenager. Amy and Ricky had some trouble of their own last night… [Wetpaint]

Pretty Little Liars hottie Caleb Tyler Blackburn is spilling some of his juiciest. secrets. ever. [Seventeen]

Ever wanted to dress like Taylor Swift? Well now, you can! No, seriously. Our BFF’s got the scoop…[Posh 24]

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