The Worst Villain of the World Was on the Allegiant Set & It Wasn’t Even a Person!

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It’s almost time for Allegiant to hit theaters — March 18, here we come! — and we know you can barely contain your excitement. The latest installment in the Divergent series is going to be epic. (We know; we saw it already. #humblebrag #regularbrag) Not only do you finally get to see what’s beyond that giant wall (prepare yourself, it’s pretty dramatic), but the action and special effects are out of this world.

With all of the past injuries that have happened while filming these movies, like when Shailene Woodley almost broke her nose, or when Zoe Kravitz had to get EIGHT stitches, we had to know if there were any on-set injuries while filming Allegiant. Lucky for you (and us), we got to sit down with some of the cast and the movie’s producers to talk all about the hardest part about filming and the villain that no one expected while shooting.

Allegiant is bigger and better when it comes to stunts and action. We know it sounds ridiculous and not at all possible to get better, but it definitely is. So when the Dauntless crew ventures over the wall, it’s not only intense and awesome, but according to one of the film’s producers, Lucy Fisher, it was pretty dangerous.

“That was a very dangerous shooting, but not for the reason why you think,” Lucy told us. “It was about 100 degrees. They were wearing harnesses and those full Dauntless uniforms…”



The most interesting part, however, was what she said next. “The worst villain of the world was there,” she explained. “The tick… There were body checks nonstop!” Gross! At least the cast got better at harness work… while they tried NOT to get attacked by ticks. “They’re pretty good in the harnesses now, but it was seriously hot. We shot in the dead heat in the summer in Atlanta,” Lucy added.

If you thought that was the only way the cast got hurt on set this time around, then you’d be wrong. According to the producer, “Theo likes to do his own stunts. You can’t always let him,” which would explain the craziness that happened while he filmed the third film.

“We used to have head-butting competitions where we would run into each other and head-butt each other and see who survived,” Theo James revealed. “And I tended to lose in the head-butting competitions,” he added.

Yikes, head-butting competitions? We’re pretty sure both Ansel Elgort and Miles Teller joined in on this fun, but injury-prone activity!

Stay tuned for more exciting details from our interviews with the Allegiant cast!

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