The Breakup Drama Between Jake Paul & Alissa Violet May Not Be Over Yet

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If you thought the s*itstorm that was Jake Paul and Alissa Violet‘s relationship ended in February, you’d be wrong, friends. While you may think that everything that needed to be said was said during their angry YouTube/Snapchat/Twitter beef — which even Bella Thorne believed to be too much information — at the end of last month, it appears that at least one of ’em is not ready to leave the past in the past.

Recently, the 20-year-old blonde beauty tweeted the following note about her ex:

Note that she doesn’t mention Jake, or anyone for that matter, by name… but her Twitter followers seem to be under the notion that that’s exactly who she’s referring to in her post:

Keep in mind that Alissa once claimed that she and Jake (a.k.a. Jalissa) weren’t “real.” People took care to remind her of that:

Someone even reminded her that he’s one of the reasons why she’s (sorta) famous:

Yeah… Alissa didn’t like that:

So far, Jake’s kept his mouth shut.
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