Alissa Violet Moves on from Jake Paul to Another Cute YouTube Guy

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Although Alissa Violet and Jake Paul broke up several months ago, they’ve basically been talking about each other ever since. Perhaps Jalissa can finally cut all ties with each other, because it looks like the 21-year-old has a new boyfriend!

The YouTube star all but confirmed that there’s something going on between her and fellow YouTuber Ricky “FaZe” Banks by posting a picture of them kissing at Electric Daisy Carnival last week.

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The blonde re-posted the shot, along with some others, on Twitter, with an ~interesting~ caption.

It seems like she’s pretty into the 25-year-old, because she’s already imagining what it’s like to be his wife.

But Alissa isn’t the only one who’s showing off her new love. The FaZeClan guy also took to social media to celebrate the romance.

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A post shared by FaZe Banks (@banks) on

While Alissa hasn’t officially confirmed or denied the romance, Ricky didn’t shy away from talking about what’s going on between the two.

He explained in a recent vlog, “Over the past week we’ve kinda developed, like, a weird little thing. I’ve been with her every day for the past week; we’ve been spending a lot of time together and I really f*cking like this girl.”

RB also gifted AV a Chanel bag on her birthday, despite only knowing her for a short amount of time. Now THAT’S dedication.

We’re sure the maybe-couple will continue updating us as their relationship develops.

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