Alissa Violet Reignites Feud with Former YouTube BFF with One Savage AF Move

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While Jake Paul is pretty much completely removed from his feud with Alissa Violet, the drama is nowhere NEAR over. In addition to losing the Vine star as her friend (or possibly boyfriend???) back in February, the 20-year-old also lost her BFF, Tessa Brooks, who sided with Jake, in the process. All has been quiet on the AV-TB front for a while now, but the blonde couldn’t help but stir the pot again by literally erasing the YouTuber from an old picture.

While fans obviously called out Alissa for being savage AF, she seemingly saw nothing wrong with her action.

“No hate, the pic is just better with me:),” she tweeted shortly after her OG post.

The 18-year-old didn’t respond to the not-so-subtle shade, but her BFF Erika Costell (who also used to be close with Alissa, FYI), tweeted, “I will never understand why ppl use their influence on social media for anything other than positivity.” Tessa then retweeted this note on her own page.

But the drama didn’t end there!! Alissa then fired back at both girls by RT’ing the model’s message and adding a little commentary of her own.

Will the controversy ever end? MOST LIKELY not, TBH.

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