Supposedly, ANOTHER One of Jake Paul’s Exes Says He’s a Cheater!

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There is zero hope for Jalissa, guys. After the disastrous fallout between YouTube’s Jake Paul & Alissa Violet in February — in which they both accused each other of cheating, and he kicked her out of their shared home — things only escalated: Bella Thorne chimed in, their friends chose sides… Even a month after the fact, Alissa was like, “that fool is gonna love my ass forever.”

We had hope that, at the very least, they would stop talking about the other on social media, considering she’s thinking of her future wedding and he just made out with Teala Dunn — but no, they’re not done. Or, at least, she’s not.

Earlier today, the 20-year-old blonde beauty further exposed her ex with a text from another one of his supposed exes, claiming that he committed infidelity against her, too. Here’s Alissa’s receipt:

Sure, it could be fake — anyone could get one of their friends to text them saying all of that. Whatever the case, though, it seems like the good people of Twitter are pretty much over all the drama anyway:

Welp, your turn, Jake. (Hopefully, he doesn’t take it.)
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