Alissa Violet Casually Tweets About Her Fiancé & Fans are Totally Bugging Out

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So, you know that whole drama between Alissa Violet & Jake Paul? The one in which the social media stars accused each other of cheating and he kicked her out of their shared home? It’s probably hard for you to forget, considering it caused her best friend to choose his side and Bella Thorne to chime in on the events. Plus there’s the fact that it all went down merely a month ago, so barely any time has passed. Well, anyway, even though all those shenanigans, like… just happened, the blonde beauty is sending fans into a tizzy again with one simple tweet… about her fiancé and wedding!!!

The note hit the web in the wee hours of March 30:

While you could see it as a harmless post — one in which a 20-year-old young woman is simply dreaming of her future with the love of her life (whom she has yet to meet) — others are jumping to the conclusion that this is some sort of huge reveal: Alissa Violet has a new bae??

It’s all variations of the same question: Who is Alissa Violet’s fiancé?

AV recently tweeted about her ex — presumably the YouTube star turned Disney Channel actor (Jake) — but nothing about another love at all, so we’re thinking it’s more of an abstract thought rather than one that’ll happen in the near future… but, hey, what do we know?
Even if Alissa is engaged, it doesn’t mean that she’ll walk down the aisle with the person she’s engaged to. Look at all these YouTubers who put a ring on it but never said, “I do.”