Alissa Violet Moves in with FaZe Banks After Just Two MONTHS of Dating

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After almost a month of he-said, she-said fights among Alissa Violet, FaZe Banks, Jake Paul and the rest of Team 10, it seems like the drama may have finally calmed down among the popular YouTubers, and Alissa is clearly more than ready to move on with her life (literally).

Alissa and Banks started hanging out and officially became a couple back in June, and they’ve rarely left each other’s side since. When Banks was accused of assaulting Jake’s assistant, Alissa was quick to come to his defense and even called out Jake for allegedly assaulting her when she was a part of Team 10.

The fight was so publicized that Alissa’s diss track to Jake Paul even made it into Billboard‘s Hot 100 chart!

Things finally seem to be settling down because, just this week, Alissa uploaded a video titled, “IT’S TIME TO MOVE ON…,” to her channel, in which she announced that she was moving into the #CloutGang House a.k.a. the FaZe Banks and RiceGum headquarters. The decision to move in with her boyfriend came after the two realized that she’s basically lived there for the past two months and she should just make it official.

Both Alissa and Banks vlogged the moving event and, although they seem super happy, the moving process wasn’t exactly a breeze. Alissa has had her apartment for a while now, but only really lived in it for a month or two, and she even started to get a little emotional about packing it all up. Banks came to help, but mostly just played around and then left to go set up for fellow YouTuber Sommer Ray‘s birthday party.

When Alissa finally made it to the Clout House, the party was still going on, the roof was leaking, and FaZe actually fell asleep and didn’t wake up to help her move in. She took it all with a grain of salt, though, and ended the video by saying, “I’ve honestly genuinely never been this happy before in my life.” Aww!

Although living in a huge house with a bunch of people and her “boyfriend” didn’t exactly work out for Alissa when she was with Jake Paul and Team 10, it looks like she’s already feeling at home at the Clout House, and she and Banks seem like the real deal. That being said, moving in with someone after dating them for just two months seems just a liiiiittle bit fast to us… but we’re gonna go ahead and assume that Alissa and Banks knew that going into the situation, so good luck to them!