FaZe Banks Calls Alissa Violet His Fiancée Just Days After Valentine’s Day

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Remember when Alissa Violet tweeted “I can’t believe I’m engaged” just several weeks after she started dating Ricky “FaZe” Banks? Yeah…so do we. The YouTuber never confirmed what she meant by the tweet, which was posted in September, but has remained happy in a relationship with the 26-year-old ever since. People (including us) kinda forgot about the engagement rumors as time has gone on, but then the FaZe Clan member went and called the blonde his “fiancé” on a medical document and now we’re back to being very #shook and very confused.

Ricky underwent a procedure to get pins removed from his hand a couple days after Valentine’s Day and had to fill out paperwork before the treatment took place. Like at most doctors, the YT star was required to write the name of his emergency contact, who he selected as Alissa. And where it asked what the pair’s relationship is? He wrote, “Fiancé.”

The 21-year-old got her hands on this paperwork as he was getting attended to and posted a picture on Snapchat.

Alissa included tons of heart stickers and a few “in love” Bitmojis to block out private information and also to express her feelings on the situation. Fans obviously caught the reveal and FREAKED OUT over the bombshell.

It’s very possible that Alissa and Ricky are trolling us by exaggerating the actual status of their relationship, but it’s also very possible that they’re not and quietly got engaged without making a big to-do about it. Only time will tell!