Alissa Violet & FaZe Banks Held at Police Station After “Getting Arrested”

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Things have been relatively quiet on the #CloutGang front. No one in the crew has stirred up enough drama to make headlines in months (which we totally appreciate, BTW). But that all came to a crashing halt hours ago, as the social media stars were held at a police station after “getting arrested” in Italy.

On August 6, FaZe Banks tweeted:

“Getting arrested in Italy, dope.. someone please help me spaghet the f*ck outta here”

alissa violet faze banks arrested

Twitter (@Banks)

Alissa Violet responded to her boyfriend shortly after, saying:

“Stop your wine-ing, we’re all getting arrested so at least we’re together”

alissa violet faze banks arrested

Twitter (@AlissaViolet)

While the tweets are punny, leading many to suspect that it was all a joke, the 22-year-old former member of Team 10 took to Snapchat to dish all about the events surrounding their alleged arrest, telling viewers, “So, they are seizing our car. We’ve been at the police station for five hours. They’re towing it away. Hopefully, we have it tomorrow, but we’re headed to Milan right now. This sucks.”

She continues, “We didn’t have an international driving license, which- we didn’t- how are we supposed to know? And then we also didn’t have plates on our car.”

“This has gotten too out of hand,” she ends the series of videos. “I just wanna go. I’m tired.”

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So, it doesn’t sound like an arrest was made… more like an inconvenience. BIG difference. But, from the looks of the following videos, all is well. The crew is already on its way to Japan!