Alissa Violet Confirms Jake Paul & Tessa Brooks Dissed Her in His Music Video

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“First Jake’s dissing me,
and now Tessa’s dissing me?”

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There’s a storm coming, guys… and it has nothing to do with the ever-changing weather. Social media star Alissa Violet warned her followers on Twitter:

And that storm is all because of her ex-boyfriend, Jake Paul. Though the YouTubers called it quits in February, the drama is far from over, as evidenced by the 20-year-old Bizaardvark actor’s recent music video for “It’s Everyday Bro” — you know, the one in which Chance Sutton takes aim at DigiTour and MAGCON — “Like Mag who? Digi who? Who are you?” — which Taylor Caniff, obviously, took make offense to.

ANYWAY, back to Alissa — in a response video with YouTube star RiceGum, the blonde beauty confirms that Jake’s track shades her, “100 percent.” Not only does he reference a text that she sent to him this week (see screenshot below), but her former friend, Tessa Brooks, also mentions Alissa’s former job at Panera.

YouTube (RiceGum)

YouTube (RiceGum)

“[Tessa’s] literally on Team 10 because of me,” Alissa tells RiceGum in the reaction footage on his channel. “Like, nobody wanted to sign her and, like, legit, I had to convince everyone to sign her.”

“Should I do a diss song?” she asks RiceGum, before saying he should enlist in the followup to the haterade. While he’s all about her enacting revenge, he initially turns down the notion… but then she offers him $2 and he’s in (naturally, considering his history of being problematic)!

To be continued… on June 6!
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