What Happened After a 13RW Star’s Rape Scene Will Break Your Heart

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As we mentioned earlier today, 13 Reasons Why has been criticized for being too graphic, but, like her co-star Brandon Flynn, Alisha Boe thinks the uncomfortable nature of the show was 100 percent necessary to tell an accurate story.

The actress who plays Jessica Davis on the Netflix hit explained, “It shouldn’t be censored at all. If you just brush over the suicide scene, the audience will think that it was easy. If you brush over the two rape scenes then the audience will think, ‘Why are these girls freaking out so much?’ Because that’s already the stigma behind it. We really have to show how ugly it is and how much it can affect a person’s life. It’s not easy and it shouldn’t be easy to watch.”

Her character’s rape was one of the most heartbreaking moments of the entire series, and while everyone on set (including Justin Prentice, who played her rapist) “hugg[ed] each other” and did all they could to make sure she was as comfortable as possible, it was still incredible tough and emotionally draining to film.

“It’s hard to film because you’re assimilating a rape,” Alisha said. “Of course it’s tough and it’s going to hurt. I went home that night and just cried. But at the end of the day it was more about making sure people who have gone through what Jessica has get their story told.”

We can’t imagine how tough it was to be on set while filming those gut-wrenching scenes and seriously commend the actors for bringing awareness to serious issues that affect so many.

While some people are critics of 13 Reasons Why, these celebrities are huge fans: