Zoe Sugg’s BF Faces the Disturbing Thing That Happens to Many Other Stars, Too

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Zoe Sugg and her longtime boyfriend Alfie Deyes have a lot in common. Not only are they both some of YouTube’s biggest stars, but they also live together, have the same group of friends, and share an adorable dog. But in addition to all the positive things they do as a unit, they also share a disturbing bond — the fact that their Twitter accounts are constantly swarmed with people saying really, really inappropriate things. Just because the 22 year old has a hilarious YT channel and great sense of humor doesn’t make this okay…like, at all. Here are some of the most NSFW things fans said to the PointlessBlog guy on Twitter:

1. WTF?!

2. What ever happened to asking politely?

3. The answer is most likely no.

4. What does this even mean?!

5. You don’t just ask this question to a stranger!

6. No.

7. What about a funny challenge instead?

8. WTF?!


10. *covers eyes*

11. Absolutely not.

12. Ummm…

13. What about a thank you?

14. EW EW EW!


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