Alfie Deyes Responds to Rumors That He and Longtime GF Zoe Sugg Split

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Lots of YouTube couples, including Alex Wassabi & LaurDIY and David Dobrik & Liza Koshy, have broken up this year, but Alfie Deyes is here to let everyone know that he and Zoe Sugg, better known online as Zoella, are still very much together.

Fans noticed that the 25- and 27-year-old YouTubers have been spending some time apart lately, prompting them to wonder if there’s trouble in paradise for Zalfie. Alfie was on vacation with his family in Lisbon, Portugal, but still jumped on Twitter to respond to these claims and let everyone know that just because he and Zoe are doing just fine and did NOT break up.

AD tweeted on October 13, “To those asking if Zoe and I have broken up, nope. We’ve been together six years, if we spend a few days doing different things in different places it doesn’t mean we’ve had an argument or split up. We’re all good.”

It’s pretty clear that Zoe and Alfie are not only still dating, but are more in love than ever. Earlier this month, Zoe’s new book, Cordially Invited, was released worldwide. It was a very special day for the YouTube star and her boyfriend was sure she knew how proud he was. Alfie surprised Zoe with a stunning bouquet of flowers on the day the book came out, which just so happened to also be close to their sixth anniversary.

She wrote on Instagram, “IT’S PUBLICATION DAY for #cordiallyinvited & I was woken up this morning by @pointlessblog carrying the biggest bunch of congratulatory flowers I’ve ever seen & placing them next to me whilst I was still snoozing! He even chose autumnal stems because he knew I’d love them (Also happy 6 years to us) xxxx”

Don’t worry, guys; Zalfie is still thriving!