Alfie Deyes Slams Chris Ingham in Wake of Sexual Misconduct Allegations

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YouTube star Alfie Deyes is taking a stand against family vlogger Chris Ingham following a series of disturbing sexual misconduct allegations. The 24-year-old released a statement on Twitter on August 9 calling out the 34-year-old married father of three for not only his alleged behavior, but also for not addressing the reports.

“The allegations made from so many different young girls against Chris Ingham are so shocking! Over the past month or so more and more messages & stories are coming out,” Alife writes. “How long is it going to be until he actually talks about this!? This behavior is NOT welcome in this community and we need to stand against it. If he truly is innocent, why has he not addressed it? If someone made these allegations against me, regardless of legal advice etc, the FIRST thing I’d do is make a video proving my innocence.”

Chris was accused of sending a 16-year-old fan inappropriate messages while on a trip to Disney World last year. He allegedly asked her to leave her family’s hotel room and meet him “between midnight and 2am,” asked her to go skinny dipping with him, etc.

“He messaged me multiple times saying how I was so beautiful and pretty and asking me why I didn’t have loads of boyfriends at home,” the accuser states.

Earlier this month, even more young girls came forward to share their experiences with Chris. One reports he asked her to send him a selfie “without that baggy hood on” and then told her, “You should be rocking that coat and hoodie off all the time. And showing off that figure.”

He also allegedly contacted and 18-year-old girl who, upon calling him out for being inappropriate, was told to keep her mouth shut and never talk about their interaction.

“Just please think of my little girls who are being destroyed over this,” he allegedly wrote to the teen on Snapchat. “Please believe me and please don’t speak to anyone about this and make it worse for me or my family.”

Alfie concluded his statement by revealing that he contacted Chris personally multiple times, but has yet to get a response.

“Just so everyone is aware, I have already reached out personally to Chris twice via text in which he has chosen not to reply to my latest message (a week ago),” he explains.