YouTube Star Alfie Deyes Apologizes for Posing for Picture on AIDS Memorial

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Alfie Deyes, better known as PointlessBlog on YouTube, is apologizing one of the most unproblematic internet celebs, but that doesn’t mean he never makes mistakes. The 24-year-old attended last week’s Brighton Pride with girlfriend Zoe Sugg, sister Poppy Deyes and some other friends and family members and decided to take a picture commemorating his experience at the LGBTQ-supportive event. Unfortunately, what he didn’t realize before clicking upload on a photo of himself holding a rainbow flag with the caption #LOVEISLOVE was that he was actually sitting on the city’s AIDS memorial statue.

The AIDS memorial was completed in 2009 by local sculptor Romany Mark Bruce and serves as a yearly meeting place for residents to celebrate World AIDS Day and honor those who have passed away from the terrible disease.

Alfie Deyes AIDS Memorial Apology

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As you can probably imagine, people who were familiar with the statue were outraged to see Alfie’s Instagram and were quick to call him out.

The YouTuber deleted the picture and issued an apology as soon as he realized his mistake.

“Just seen a tweet saying that in the picture I tweeted of myself celebrating Brighton Pride, I was sitting on the edge of an Aids Memorial,” he tweeted. “For sure didn’t realise that and didn’t mean to offend anyone if the picture did. I’ve deleted it! Thanks for letting me know x”

He continued, “I’ll never understand why people always think the worst. The replies I’m getting about sitting on the memorial..I didn’t even know it was a memorial and yet people are tweeting saying I don’t care about aids.. Spend your time educating others, rather than just instantly attacking.”

Although he apologized, Alfie is still under fire, this time for seemingly joking about the incident with friend and fellow YouTuber Evan Edinger in the wake of the criticism.

One person tweeted, “Alfie deyes sat on an aids memorial at pride and ‘didn’t realise’ and @EvanEdinger is taking the piss out of it comparing it to asmtha [sic] which are two completely different things. Why’s he trying to be funny and failing lool.”

Someone else said, “Nah alfie joking about the aids crisis has pissed me off beyond belief i hate him so much.”