One of Your Favorite YouTube Stars Starts Off the Week by Coming Out as Queer

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Happy Monday, and welcome to a new week of another YouTube star coming out. Just a few days ago, beauty guru Gabriella Lindley came out as bisexual, and now a different YT fave is opening up about her sexuality.

YouTuber and actress Alexis G. Zall kicked off her 18th birthday by sending a serious of quick, witty tweets that compared her sexuality to her eyeliner.

While it was pretty clear that the 18-year-old chose that opportunity to come out as queer, it wasn’t until she uploaded her “18 Tips for 18 Years” video that fans got more information on her sexual identity.

“I can say without a doubt I feel the most comfortable with myself as a human being that I’ve ever felt,” she started of the vid. “It’s totally okay to be a girl who likes girls or a boy who likes boys, and me personally, I’m a girl who likes girls.”

But while the Laid in America star admitted to being attracted to women, she also said she didn’t want to put herself in a box quite yet.

“I mean for me personally, I wouldn’t necessarily rule out EVER dating guys, but I definitely like girls, and it’s totally okay to just be that.”

In addition to receiving TONS of support from her fans, Alexis also felt the post-coming-out love from fellow queer YT star, Ally Hills

We’re so happy for you, Alexis!!


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