Alexander Ludwig Confirms He Won’t Star as Four in ‘Divergent’

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Well, it looks like the search for Four continues. Though Hunger Games star Alexander Ludwig tweeted about a screen test for Divergent on Monday, but on Tuesday he took to Twitter once again to tell fans that he is officially out of the running. So, what was the cause of him not getting the part?

Apparently, this role is too close to his bad boy turn as Cato in the aforementioned Hunger Games. Alex said, “i will not be. Too similar to hunger games but i hope fans are happy with how the rest of the casting goes!” That’s a great attitude to have, Alex!

Though on paper Alex certainly would have filled the role nicely, it looks like fans will be relieved to find out this news. Some Teen readers spoke out about their thoughts in the comments section, and had this to say about Alex’s potential role.

Rosa said: “I think that Jeremy Irvine would be a good Tobias/Four! Ludwig will probably fit more with the character of Peter.”

Daisy said: “I hope Alex Pettyfer gets the role! omgosh he’d be perfect! I can’t really picture Ludwig as Four.”

Another batch of commentors just simply said “NO!” to Alex being cast as Four. Looks like it’s back to the drawing board for the casting directors!

Who do YOU think should play Four in Divergent? Sound off in the comments section!

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