All the Other YA Movie Roles This Hunger Games Star Missed Out On

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Who could forget Alexander Ludwig‘s breakout performance as Cato in The Hunger Games? He not only brought one of our favorite movie villains life, but he actually made us kind of like him, too! Basically, he was the perfect Cato. But, if things went as they were originally planned, we would’ve known Alex as a completely different role in the series, or we may have even met him in a different YA series! Yep; totally possible.

While you might not know much about this mega-hot actor outside of his THG role, one thing you must know is that no matter what, you would have come across him eventually; he’s basically auditioned for all of your fave YA movies!

Here are all the major YA opportunities he juuuuuust missed out on:

1. Peeta Mellark, The Hunger Games — Alexander may have played Cato in the end, but he almost portrayed Katniss’ love interest instead! “Originally, they were considering me for Peeta,” he told Bullett. “I started traveling Europe with a couple buddies after my senior year, and while traveling Europe, I made it my goal to physically sculpt my body so I could portray the character. I was really getting ready for that role. When it came down to it, it was between me, Josh, and one other kid. Gary [Ross] thought my persona was more of one of those leaders, and Josh really did a great job of portraying Peeta’s overall essence.” Honestly, we don’t think his Peeta would have been half bad!

2. Tobias “Four” Eaton, Divergent — So, if he didn’t score himself the lead role in one post-apocalyptic franchise, why not score the lead in another one? Or, at least try to. That’s exactly what Alex did! In fact, he even tweeted about his screen test for the role of Four, which obviously made fans over-the-top excited. So, why was it a missed opportunity? He spilled all on Twitter (again) saying, “i will not be [Four]. Too similar to hunger games but i hope fans are happy with how the rest of the casting goes!” Sorry, Alex! We would’ve loved to see that.

3. Jace Wayland, The Mortal Instruments — And Four wasn’t the only almost-role that Alex used Twitter to announce. When he went in for a meeting to play Jace in Cassandra Clare’s book-turned-movie he wrote, “I was in discussions with the studio [Screen Gems] about the movie. I’m a huge fan of Lily Collins. She’s going to rock it.” But, unfortunately, when Jamie Campbell Bower signed on, all hope was lost.

4. Jason Grace, Percy Jackson — With the Percy Jackson film series coming to an abrupt and unfortunate end, there’s really no say on who would play some of the third book’s roles on screen. But who did the fans think would make the perfect Jason Grace? Well, among fan sites, blogs, and video compilations, Alexander was a clear favorite for fans. Still waiting for lucky number three…

5. Prince Maxon/Carter Woodwork, The Selection Series — Okay, so the YA book series The Selection may have not been made into movies just yet, but this past Spring it was officially announced that Kiera Cass‘ coveted novels have been picked up by Warner Brothers! However, while casting may or may not have happened yet, fans seem to be pretty set on having Alexander in the line up! Almost immediately after the big-screen pickup was announced, fans began pushing for him to be cast in one of two roles: Prince Maxon or Carter Woodwork. Now we’re just wondering, how long until we can find out if this YA star can finally lead his own series?!

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