The Cast of Netflix’s Newest Show Alexa & Katie Talk Life on Set of the Sitcom

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If you didn’t have plans for this weekend, you’re in luck because you do now! That’s because Netflix‘s newest show, Alexa & Katie, just premiered today, and the sitcom is NOT to be missed. The show follows a pair of BFFs as both of them tackle high school and one of them tackles cancer — which isn’t going to stop her from playing basketball and battling mean girls. Hooked already? We thought so.

The sitcom is emotional and funny all at the same time, but the best part? The cast is full of faces you’ll recognize — and faces you won’t! Paris Berelc from Disney’s Lab Rats: Elite Force and Mighty Med nabbed the show’s starring role, but her best friend, played by Isabel May, has never appeared on screen before. We love that mix of newbies and vets, especially since one of the main moms on Alexa & Katie is none other than Tiffani Thiessen. You know her from classics like Saved By the Bell and Beverly Hills, 90210. NBD.

“I initially was very scared to take this role because I wasn’t ready to play a mother of two teenagers,” Tiffani said in an interview with “But then I read it and I saw who was cast.”

Want a look at the magic that pulled this successful 44-year-old actress in? Check out the trailer here:

Portraying such sensitive content has got to be tough. But it sounds like all three actresses enjoyed their time on set — not just because of the show’s comedic moments, but because they bonded with each other right off the bat. In fact, Paris and Isabel clicked immediately when they first met, and we know Paris got along with her co-star (and boyfriend IRL), Jack Giffo, on set as well.

But it wasn’t just the teenagers that hung out — Tiffani may be a mother of two and at a different stage in her career, but she bonded with the girls in a major way. Turns out, they remind her of herself!

“It’s cool to talk to her about our same experiences,” Paris said. “It’s easier because she’s my TV mom, my second mom, and certain things I can tell her that I can’t necessarily tell my real mother.”

How sweet is that? And while Tiffani can relate to Paris’ stories about what she did that weekend or her desire to go blonde, she also sees a similar work ethic in both of the teen actresses.

“I was a pretty responsible girl and took work very seriously,” she explained. “Both of these girls are like that. They come to work on time, they know what they’re doing, they’re professional. These girls have to sit in hair and makeup during bald caps and it’s not easy work. They’ve handled it pretty amazingly.”

And as if that isn’t sweet enough for her to say, she even hangs out with them outside of the show. Aww!

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Not only did Alexa and Katie bring these lovely ladies together, but filming the first season also taught them SO much. The experience was full of firsts from good stuff — like Isabel’s first press junket — to the bad — like Paris’ first car accident. But in terms of acting, these two walked away with lots of lessons to take to their next project. Or maybe to Season 2? Who knows!

“I never did [a live audience] before Alexa & Katie even though I had done a Disney show,” Paris said. “We both walked out together when they introduced us, and that first time it was like, whoa. This is actually really cool, everyone’s screaming for us.”

While that must have been nervewracking for the former Disney star, who has been acting professionally since 2013, we can’t even imagine how Isabel must have felt. She’d never been in front of the camera before — but strangely enough, she felt most at home there.

“It was more rehearsals that I had discomfort with,” she admitted. “That was something I wasn’t used to. I was naturally more comfortable in front of the camera. It was weird, kind of a reversal.”

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It’s amazing that they got to experience these new things together, but as for Tiffani, she has done it all before. She even joked that this was her 79th press junket. LOL! According to the acting vet, “People keep asking me what’s different and there’s really not much.”

But Alexa & Katie does bring a new, humorous spin to a teen’s battle with cancer, so we’re sure that by now, you’re probably dying for more of this incredible cast. Lucky for you, it premiered on Netflix TODAY. So what are you waiting for? Grab your bestie, get a box of Kleenex ready and start binging!