D-Bag Viner Hardcore Bullies 5SOS Fans, Leading to War With Ashton Irwin

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As much as we love Vine stars, some of them are just straight-up d-bags. Alex Ramos may be BEYOND successful on the video-sharing app, but he’s been at the center of controversy for joking about rape and making fun of overweight girls. Yeah… that happened. The 21 year old has now found himself involved with even more drama, this time involving 5 Seconds of Summer fans.

The Vine star got into a Twitter feud with one 5SOS fan last night, involving something we’re not 100 percent clear on. Multiple jabs were fired back and forth, and eventually both parties got their friends involved — and things got nasty.

While Alex was definitely WAY out of line for making fun of the girl’s appearance, the 5SOS fans were definitely firing back equally as hard; the entire situation was extremely wrong and unnecessary. After a few hours of silence between everyone involved, it seemed that things had finally calmed down. But not for Ashton Irwin. Hours after the fight initial started, the band’s drummed apparently stumbled upon the drama and decided to stand up for his supporters.

As soon as the girls realized what Ashton did, they immediately flooded him with tweets thanking him for having their backs.

Can’t we all just get along??

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