Now You Can Get I Am Number Four Hottie Alex Pettyfer on Your Phone! (Exclusive)

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It’d be just about every girl in the world’s dream to have Alex Pettyfer in their phone, and while we can’t give you his number, we can give you the iPhone app for his new movie, I AM NUMBER FOUR. First we gave you a sneak peek at the movie, then these drool-worthy pics, and now this? Oh, the things we do for you.

BUZZ: Exclusive interview with Alex Pettyfer!

Want deets on how to get Alex on your phone? Click on!

All you gotta do is head on over to iTunes.com to download the “Find Number Four” app, which features video and audio from Alex and his co-stars, wallpaper and photos, plus tons of awesome interactive features and games. And don’t forget to check out the movie (co-starring Dianna Agron!) in theaters this February!

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