7 Huge-A** Movie Roles the Same Hot Actor Tried and Failed to Secure

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There’s simply no denying that Alex Pettyfer is hot. But, despite is good looks — and having roles in movies such as Beastly and I Am Number Four — landing gigs has been quite the struggle for this star. Not only did his relationship with Glee star Dianna Agron come to an unexpected end, but he’s also missed out on a number (more than four) of potential career boosts that he didn’t get.

And, as much as we love the very sexy and charming men who granted the opportunities to take on those roles he missed, we can’t help but feel his pain. Especially when the YA roles he did get ended up being WAY less successful than some of the others he’s auditioned for! So, what’s the cause of all of his career mishaps? From reasons ranging from tales of on-set drama to just simply not being the right fit, these are the movies that went on filming without him: