5 Shocking Theories That’ll Change the Way You Look at Aladdin

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Surviving College

Surviving College

If you know us AT ALL, then you should very well be aware of our obsession with Disney movies. It doesn’t matter how old they are, from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to Frozen, every animated Disney film has found a way into our hearts. HOWEVER, what you’re about to read will change the way you look at at least one of them. Here are five shocking theories about Aladdin:

1. Aladdin takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. “In the first movie, the Genie calls Aladdin’s clothes “so third century.” However, the Genie was locked inside a lamp for the past 10,000 years, which means that he couldn’t have known what the third century was like. It would have to have been at least 10300 AD.”—Creepy Pasta

Tumblr (anotherdisney)

Tumblr (anotherdisney)

2. The Merchant is the Genie. “The Merchant from the first scene is actually the Genie in human form. This makes sense because Robin Williams voices both characters. Another variation of this same theory says the man made it up to sell the lamp.”—Wikia (Fan Theories)

3. The story of Aladdin is made up. According to one Reddit user, the aforementioned Merchant uses Aladdin’s tale to persuade you to buy the lamp.

4. The Cultivation Theory: “The cultivation theory is prevalent in children who have watched Aladdin. They automatically assume whatever happens in the movie must be how Arabs truly are. That would be fine if the movie spoke truly of Arabs and didn’t focus on their stereotypes.” For more on this particular theory. click here.

5. Aladdin is a major pervert. Though many of the movie’s creators insist that he says, “Good kitty, take off and go,” you KNOW he’s saying, “Good teenagers take off their clothes.” Listen for yourself here:

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