Aimee Teegarden Spills On What Makes Her Scream And What’s Up Next (Exclusive!)

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Aimee Teegarden is having a really, really good month. As if being the leading lady in Prom isn’t exciting enough, she’s also starring in Scream 4 along with Emma Roberts, Lucy Hale, Shenae Grimes, and every other hot young actress in the biz.

Aimee spilled to us about who makes her scream, what she’s doing next, and why she loves Anne Hathaway.

Teen.com: When was the last time you screamed in real life?
Aimee Teegarden: “The other day I was at the gym and they were being mean and made me do, like, fourteen pull ups and the last one… I was literally screaming in the gym because it was so  hard! And I was like, ‘Whatever, you try doing pull ups!'”

Teen.com: This is the fourth Scream movie, and they’re all cult classics. Which one’s your fave?
Aimee Teegarden: “I mean, I love the original. The original is by far the favorite, because it’s the original. But this is definitely worth going to see a couple of times.”

Teen.com: Lucy Hale and Emma Roberts also star in Scream. What was it like filming with a bunch of girls?
Aimee Teegarden: “It was actually really nice being able to work with people who are my own age. On Friday Night Lights, everybody was a lot older than me. And boys!”

Teen.com: How was filming Scream different then filming Prom?
Aimee Teegarden: “So different! First off, we went from 6pm to 6am because there were a lot of nights shoots. So it’s a lot different than shooting Prom, which was a more realistic version of a high school and funny and quirky.”

Teen.com: Okay, so you’ve done a hit show, a scary blockbuster, and a Disney flick. What’s next?
Aimee Teegarden: “I think next I’d rather do some crazy hard-core action film. That would be a lot of fun.”

Teen.com: You’ve had a seriously awesome career and you’re only 21. Are there any actresses who inspire you?
Aimee Teegarden: “I still look up to people like Anne Hathaway, I think she has had an amazing career. Sandra Bullock, Reese Witherspoon, Julia Roberts, you know, some of the greats.”

Teen.com: We’re not gonna lie — Scream 4 looks scary, and we’re wimpy. Any words of advice for us?
Aimee Teegarden: “Be really excited. It’s definitely a movie worth getting your popcorn and giant coke and jujubes and going with friends and having a great time. It’s everything that you’re expecting and more. It’s a fantastic addition to the Scream family!”