Filming YouTube Videos is Actually SUPER Dangerous for This Online Star

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YouTube stars put their all into making their videos great, which sometimes leads to mishaps. Marcus Butler “cut [his] whole arm up” when he flew off a Segway while filming in public. Cameron Dallas broke his thumb the day before he started shooting The Outfield. Aidan Alexander, however, hasn’t just been hurt once or twice while filming his incredible vids under the pseudonym maadraad; he’s had accidents “hundreds” of times!

“[One time] I was filming a video in Burbank and completely fell into this huge bush,” he told us. “Another time I was filming a watch-review video and the watch physically fell apart. [Also], my light has almost tipped over and crushed me around 600 times… Okay maybe that’s an exaggeration.”

Even though the 16-year-old isn’t the luckiest YouTuber around, he’s powered through the missteps and has garnered over 225,000 subscribes on the video-sharing site. But while Aidan can definitely be considered a YT celebrity, acting was what he “was doing first and what [he] came to LA to pursue,” and is set to star in the upcoming film Cowgirl’s Story with Bailee Madison and Dance Moms’ Chloe Lukasiak.

“It’s been incredible so far. The week I sent in a tape for the film was one of the busiest weeks I’ve had this year, so when my team called and let me know I got the role I was so excited and not in the least bit expecting it!”

Seeing as the blond has been besties with Bailee since they met “last August at the Streamy’s nomination brunch in Malibu,” you know the movie’s set is nothing but a good time.

“Set is pretty much one big hang session. It’s great we get to all work collaboratively and shoot a movie at the same time. We had to learn this really long dance for one of the scenes and us all learning that dance was seriously so funny. We have been making little short films on our Snapchat stories (my Snapchat is WhatAidan if people want to watch them)!”

If you’re worried that Aidan won’t have time to keep up with his regular YouTube schedule now that he’s getting more and more into the movie industry, don’t be; the Idaho native says he’s going to try his best to not let his YT channel fall to the back burner.

“I love that uploading videos here and there helps me engage with everyone online, so I am really working on it. This time of year is so busy right now in the entertainment industry, which makes things a little more difficult, but I definitely want to upload more.”

Between YouTube, Cowgirl’s Story, and the two OTHER films Aidan has coming out late this year/early next, we think it’s safe to say that you’ll never be missing him for too long.

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