The After Movie, Based on One Direction Fanfiction, Finally Finds Its Director

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10. Years. Late-uh (in SpongeBob voice)… the After movie finally has a director!

According to Anna Todd, the author of this particular piece of One Direction fanfiction, which originated on Wattpad, the film adaptation will be helmed by a woman named Jenny Gage.

The 28-year-old writer took to Facebook to announce the news, saying, “Sooo this is Jenny Gage and she’s the badass who’s directing the After movie! (I might be crying and screaming at the same time) 😭🙌🏼🎥 I’ve been waiting and waiting to share this and now it’s here!!!!!”

The director doesn’t have many projects to her name; her IMDb only lists a 2016 documentary called All This Panic as the first and last flick she directed. But, perhaps, this is the beginning of something great!

Currently, there are still no actors attached to the production. Teen Wolf alum Daniel Sharman was once considered, but he said earlier this year that he would not take part in After. Anna later confirmed the news, saying, she was sad he would not play leading man Hardin (who was Harry Styles in the online fanfiction). “I honestly agree with the decision and it wasn’t just his decision to not have the role,” she said. “I hope the fandom is nice about it to him because he really loved the project and the series and the fans but for a few reasons, it wouldn’t work.”

“I, like Paramount, would love to see a new face of someone who is the same age as Hardin and who will be able to handle such a big fandom and love it,” she continued. “We need our Hardin to be able to be active with the fandom and be on social media etc etc…”

Bella Thorne & Gregg Sulkin also expressed interest in the big-screen version of After, but neither is said to be attached.