17 Excerpts From Anna Todd’s After Fanfic We Can’t Wait to See on Screen

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If you feel like it’s been a lifetime since you found out that Anna Todd‘s One Direction fanfiction After was going from Wattpad to the publishing house to the big screen, you aren’t alone. We’ve been wanting to watch Tessa and Harry’s (we mean, Hardin) dark love story play out for, like, ever, too. Not even director confirmations or casting rumors have been able to hold us over. Who can relate? (*insert Logic‘s “WOO!”*)

While we sit here (im)patiently awaiting any more news about the upcoming book-turned-movie, we thought we’d try to relive the magic of our first time reading the 1D fanfic — back when we didn’t know about all of the tears and NSFW moments. So take a walk down memory lane with us as we bring back all of the best moments we’re dying to see on screen, complete with Harry Styles GIFs galore!

Did your fave scene make the cut?