DREAMCASTING: Who Should Star in the One Direction Fanfiction Movie, After?

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Even before word got out about the movie based on After, the book by Anna Todd that was originally penned as One Direction fanfiction, with Harry Styles as the leading man, fans were pretending to cast the on-screen adaptation. Now that the film rights have been acquired by Paramount, a screenwriter (Mom‘s Susan McMartin) has been chosen and actors are auditioning, dreamcasting is at an all-time high!

Before word gets out on the official details, we scoured the Internet to find out who fans wish would portray their favorite After characters. Here’s the general consensus:

Hardin Scott — Harry Styles may seem like the obvious choice, considering the character was originally based off of the curly-haired 1D singer, Teen Wolf‘s Daniel Sharman is #1 for pretty much the entirety of the fandom. Seeing as how he’s met with Anna and Susan, things are looking good so far. Squee!

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Tessa Young — Australian actress/singer-songwriter Indiana Evans has long been helmed as the perfect heroine for the tale; she’s even the author’s personal favorite!

Landon GibsonGregg Sulkin didn’t even know about the Liam Payne-inspired character before fans brought it to his attention on Twitter. But, because of their dedication, he’s not only read the book, but he even met with the producers of the project! Fingers crossed, everyone.

Steph — After Gregg’s potential casting trended on Twitter, his girlfriend, Bella Thorne, got her own Trending Topic for the flick. Clearly, she’s all for it, too, because she retweeted Just Jared, Jr.’s post about the TT. Let’s make this happen, guys!

Zed — Even though Zed’s based on Zayn Malik, Shadowhunters hottie Matthew Daddario is a top choice for the After fandom. Come on, he’s got bad boy written all over him!

Do you agree with the above choices? What about for other characters, like Logan, Nate, Molly, etc.? Weight in via the comments below!

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