YouTube Beauty Guru is Out Half a Million Dollars After Retailer Goes Bankrupt

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Bad news bears, guys. The teen clothing brand that everyone wore at least once in his/her life, Aeropostale, has gone belly up. That’s right, it’s BANKRUPT. The company’s CFO said that, due to “declining mall traffic, a highly promotional and competitive teen retail environment and a shift in customer demand away from apparel to technology and personal experiences,” profits have deteriorated. As such, Aero plans to shut down over 150 of its ~800 stores, including all of its locations in Canada. More may come, but only time will tell.

To make matters worse, the chain still owes money to at least 20 people/companies, including one of YouTube’s most well-known fashion/beauty gurus, Bethany Mota. According to The Wall Street Journal, the 20-year-old social media star showed up as #6 on a list of 20 entities the company owes — and it owes her BIG.

WSJ reports that Aeropostale owes Bethany more money than it does to established companies, like General Growth Properties and Taubman: a whopping $500,000 — and that doesn’t even include the cashola Aero’s already paid her!

Bethany has collaborated with the retailer since 2013, creating clothing collections up until as recently as last month. But even with her influence, it didn’t keep the customers a’coming. Sad.

Don’t worry too much about Bethany, though — she’s one of the top 10 (see below) most successful YouTube beauty gurus at the moment!