25 Adele Lyrics That Perfectly Apply to The Vampire Diaries Scenes

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When you think of Adele, what’s the first word that springs to mind? For us, it’s “heartache” and the same goes for we look back on seven years worth of supernatural family drama on The Vampire Diaries. Just like the singer’s soul-wrenching albums — 19, 21 and 25 — our beloved CW series is mired in pain, sadness and all the beautiful intricacies of the human experience.

Basically they tend to wreak havoc on our emotions… a lot.

Thus, taking into account how perfectly in tune the Grammy-winning artist’s tracks are with TVD‘s most pivotal themes — ex. the exploration of life, love and loss — and how her powerhouse vocals offer as much angst and depth as a Salvatore brother hug, we decided to round up her 25 most poignant lyrics and apply them to unforgettable moments from the show. Grab a box of tissues and weep away!

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