Popular YouTube Gamer Hospitalized for Depression and Eating Disorder

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Although Adam Dahlberg has kept his SkyDoesMinecraft uploads consistent over the past week or so, fans couldn’t help but notice the content of videos were different. Instead of posting his regular, live gaming vids, the 24-year-old has been releasing ‘Best Of’ compilations and ‘Funny Moments’ highlight reels. Needless to say, viewers of the YouTube star knew something was fishy… and they were right.

“I’ve been in a mental hospital for the past week for clinical depression and bulimia, which is an eating disorder,” the gamer said in a recent update on his channel. “I can’t really eat food without getting very anxious and panicky… I’ve been hiding this for the past three years or so.”

Adam said people have been commenting on his tired appearance for the past couple months, and he finally got the courage to open up to his family, friends and management about his struggle with an eating disorder. Luckily, they immediately came up with a plan to get him the help he needs and he’s been in therapy ever since.

The YT star knows the recovery process will be long and difficult, but he’s ready to become his best self and wants everyone out there who’s also struggling to know that they’re not alone and things will be okay.

“It’s gonna be a constant battle that I’m gonna be dealing with for the next two or three months to try and correct and put myself back in the mindset I used to be in.”

You can watch Adam’s entire video below:

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