11 Actresses You’ll Always Secretly Hate Because of Their Annoying Characters

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It’s characters like Rachel Berry on Glee that make you want to tear your hair out sometimes. Like… is there anyone in the world that’s that self-centered and annoying? Dear God, we hope not. Fortunately, though, the face behind the flawed character, Lea Michele, has proven to be quite the philanthropist and pioneer for young women in real life, which only goes to show that she’s just an incredible actress as opposed to a conceited show choir girl.

HOWEVER, some actresses are so convincing in their portrayals, there’s pretty much no way you can separate them from their characters on TV and in movies. So, in turn, you harbor secret resentments toward them IRL because of said characters. Here are 11 stars you can’t help but hate, thanks to their awful on-screen counterparts: