7 Actresses Who Ruined Their TV Shows with Real-Life Pregnancies

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Nothing highlights the gender inequality present in Hollywood quite like an actress becoming a parent. Unlike fathers, who are congratulated for changing their infant’s diapers without pouting about it and not accidentally dropping their baby headfirst into a bonfire, famous new moms suffer a different pressure altogether. Not only do they have their figures (which are housing a growing human) watched like a scoreboard in the last quarter, but they also sometimes get blamed for ruining things by having a baby.

Case in point: these seven actresses who wear the albatross of getting pregnant and ruining their perfectly good TV shows. While some actresses are lucky enough to be able to hide their pregnancies for the sake of their television series, others aren’t so lucky. Some of them were canceled, and some just went off of the rails. But the one thing that these situations all have in common is that they were all the pregnant ladies’ faults because obviously: