7 Young Actresses Who Played Her Own Twin in a Movie

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It’s safe to say that twins are fascinating. The concept of twin telepathy and other bonds that only same-womb siblings share is a huge wonder for non-twins and happens to inspire a lot of filmmakers to create awesome movies. But let’s face it; while the idea is cool, directors can’t cast Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in every movie just because they are the most famous female lookalikes in the biz! And with modern technology, you can actually have the same actor playing two different people in the same scene… making it possible for actors to play multiple characters, including their own twin (or doppelganger)!

We’re sure a lot of you actually thought Lindsay Lohan, the first gal on this list, actually did have a twin for a long time (we know we did), but some of of our other favorite actresses from other movies have done the same thing as the redhead did in the 1998 remake of The Parent Trap — so let’s pay tribute to the stars who pulled double duty for the same of a good flick!