12 Actresses Who Kissed More Than 5 (Hot!) Co-Stars on Her Teen TV Series

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If there’s one perk to being a hot, young celebrity (you know, other than the fame, the money, the free merch, etc.), it has to be the potential to make out with other hot, young celebrities. Think about if you were an actress playing the lead in a YA movie — like Jennifer Lawrence, Kristen Stewart, Shailene Woodley… — there’s a 99.9% chance that you’ll be making out with a total babe throughout the course of filming. (See, now you’re checking off all the total babes J.Law, KStew & Shai have hooked up with in their young-adult films.)

Well, the same goes for the beautiful actresses on teen TV shows. If the television series is successful enough, you may even see one girl lock lips with more than a handful of studs. Candice Accola and Sasha Pieterse were close — we clocked ’em at five co-stars a piece (correct us if we’re wrong, though) — but all of these 12 beauties pressed their lips against more than the amount of digits on your hand: